Have you wondered how and why our eye color can differ from our parents ?  Or been curious about why particular plants grow in the shade and not in direct sunlight ?   Have you seen something in nature and just been confused about why and how it can even survive - like the sloth or a weed or a walking stick ?  Well, you're in luck !  
    This year in Life Science 7 we will explore a tremendous variety of biological concepts ranging from diversity to DNA, from energy cycles to genetics, from photosynthesis to mitochondria - in fact, we will investigate the very nature of all living organisms on earth !  And technology is now 'infused' into the process to help keep you 'enthused' !!
    We begin the year with Safety, Lab Equipment, Scientific Methodology, Characteristics of Living Things then cellular history, structure and function.   During the 2nd quarter, we move into lab investigations centered on cell processes, genetics and DNA coding.   The 3rd quarter brings into focus a study of evolution, classification, domains and kingdoms.   And by the last quarter, Ecology, Ecosystems and Biomes should bring all the previous topics into view.  The world around us is so diverse and complex - a simple honeybee can and does have a tremendous impact on so many other facets of our lives!
    Darryl Dawson
    Position: Teacher
    Department: Life Science 7
    Room B - 13
    Many, if not all, assigned work will be posted and managed via Google Classroom and the myhomework app. 
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