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    Lisa M. Kulakowski, M.Ed.
     NOTE:  See Google Classroom for course content
    Google Classroom:  
    English 10 Class Codes
    Block 1 - pyt0ao
    Block 2 - sil6t6
    Block 5 - gayaddd
    English 11H Class Codes
    Period 4- 6tvy7v
    Period 7 - czmnie
    English 11 Blog: 
    English 10 Blog: 
    Class Twitter: @Kuli_English
    Planning Periods:
         A Days: 3rd Block
        B Days: 8th Block
    Extra Assistance (by appointment):
             Mon-Fri - 7:30-8:30 AM 

    This is my 16th year as an educator and my seventh with Loudoun County Public Schools. As I currently live over the mountain in Boyce (Clarke County), Virginia, you will find me here at school quite early each morning! I am happy to be teaching English 10 (British Lit) and English 11H (American Lit) this year. 
    I am passionate about increasing students' love of reading and supporting them in improving their writing skills! In addition, fostering student accountability and collaborative growth are important 21st-century workplace readiness goals for this year. I am so pleased to be working with you all; never hesitate to seek me out in person or via email as needed for support!  
    • 1989 - Bachelors in Psychology, James Madison University  
    • 2006 - Masters in Education, George Mason University  
    My Schedule:  
     Where is Ms. K Today?

    Maroon (A Day)

    Period 1: English 10 - 306   

    Period 2: English 10 w/Days - 306

    Period 3: Planning - 306

    Period 4: English 11H - 306

    Gold (B Day)

    Period 5: English 10 w/Days - 306

    Period 6: Study Hall - 306

    Period 7: English 11H - 306

    Period 8: Planning - 306

    Students are accountable for all due date information and must check the posted agenda on Google Classroom and/or Phoenix StudentVue daily for verification of posted assignments and definite due dates. Use of an agenda/ planning system to foster time management and efficient coordination of work is recommended.