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    Mrs. Lauren Bryan (about me)
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    Department: Math

          A Day:
                   Block 1: Geometry (Room 126)
                Block 2: Geometry (Room 126)
                Block 3: SCA         (Room 2)
                Block 4: Geometry (Room 126)

          B Day:
                Block 6:  Algebra 1  (Room 126)
                Block 8:  Geometry (Room 126)

    Content for each class is located in the links above or to the left.

    When is Mrs. Bryan available outside school?  
    Tuesday and Thursday* Mornings at 8:15 am
     Room: 126
    *Other times can be arranged ahead of time.  If I am unable to make scheduled office hours, it will be communicated in class ahead of time or via Remind
    Math lab is available in room 177 (old Computer Lab)

    How can I be informed of important stuff in Mrs. Bryan's class?
             Join Remind!  

     What do I need for the first day of Mrs. Bryan's class?
    • 3 Ring binder (>1.5") with loose leaf notebook paper and 4 dividers
    • loose leaf paper 
    • Sharpened pencils and erasers for daily use
    • Highlighter
    • Colored Pen(s) - something other than black or blue for correcting
    • Graphing calculator (TI-84 Recommended) 
    • Compass and Straight Edge (Geometry only)
    More questions? Check out the expectations for the year!