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    Name: Denise Johnsonn
    Department: World Languages/ Latin
    Email: denise.johnson@lcps.org (24 hour turn-around)
    Room:  L206
    Planning Block: 1,7
    Block 1: Planning
    Block 2: L206 Latin II
    Block 3: L206 Latin III
    Block 4: L501 Eagles Connect
    Block 5: L206 Spanish III
    Block 6: L206 Latin III
    Block 7: Planning
    Block 8: L208 Latin I
    Teacher Biography
    Welcome to Freedom! You have come to a great school!
    My name is Mrs. Denise Johnson, and this is my 18th year of teaching, the 16th year in Virginia. I teach a few languages at Freedom and have taught several languages over the years. Passing on this torch of learning to students is very rewarding!
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets Tuesdays at 8:30.
    Speech and Debate ( in English) meets after school; so stop by on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.
    Check out Latin Club and Certamen Team on Mondays and Friday! See you soon!
    All meetings are in L206
    All Students of Latin and Spanish, check out the Vision Pages for your assignments and additional materials.
    Teacher Information 
    Latin III, II, I
    Spanish III
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes Tues.  8:30am.
    Speech and Debate  Tues. Thurs. 4-5pm
    Latin Club and Certamen Mon. Fri. 4-5pm.
    Conservative Club  Thurs. 8:30-9 am
     A Days   Block  1    Planing
                   Block   2    Latin 2    L206
                   Block   3    Latin 3    L206
                   Block   4    Eagles Connect L501
    B Days    Block 5     Spanish III L206
                    Block 6     Latin III      L206
                    Block 7     Planning
                    Block 8     Latin I        L208
    Online Presence
     Welcome to Freedom's 2018-2018 school year! My name is Mrs. Denise Johnson, and I am one of the World Language Teachers teaching Latin I, II,III and Spanish III.
    Current Grades 
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    Contact Information
    Freedom High School | 25450 Riding Center Drive | South Riding, VA
    P: (703)957-4300 | F:(703)542-2086