• Robin Smith welcomes you to Room 1


    A classroom filled with joy and learning


    How fortunate I feel to have graduated from George Mason University in 2013  and begun my career in special education at Pinebrook  Elementary School.  I have been the  K-2 ID teacher here for the past five years.  Previously, I worked as a social worker for Fairfax County.  Then I was a stay-at-home mom with my  2 children who are now ages 18 and 21.  My son, Aaron, is a senior at John Champe High School and my daughter, Leah, is a senior at Elon University.  Unfortunately, my husband died of cancer almost 8 years ago.  During those years I began my work toward my Masters of Education.


    In my spare time I attend many of my children’s sports activities such as marching band competitions and activities.  I especailly enjoy travel with my family.  This year the children and I went to the beach and in the past we have traveled to Mexico  with my brother and his family and my parents.  I also enjoy walking and playing with my two dogs - Romney and Melbourne.


    When I was growing up I lived overseas in four different countries:  Vietnam, Argentina, Belgium and Jamaica as my father worked at the State Department.   
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