• Miss Szkotnicki is a graduate of both Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pittsburgh.  She is excited to be here in Loudoun to teach Family and Consumer Sciences!
    Please feel free to contact me at anytime at kathryn.szkotnicki@lcps.org.  
    2019-2020 Schedule 
    Block 1 Plan 
    Block 2 Intro to Culinary Arts
    Block 3 Study Hall 
    Block 4 Intro to Culinary Arts 
    Block 5 Teacher Cadet 
    Block 6 Plan 
    Block 7 Intro to Culinary Arts 
    Block 8 Intro to Culinary Arts 
    Assignments and class resources are posted to the Google Classroom, ifyou did not get the code on the first day, please let me know. 
    REMINDER: My cell phone policy is that they are to be out of sight, in bags, when we are in class.  I use the stoplight system and will let students know if and when it is okay to have phones out and for what purpose.  I also reserve the right the change this policy if it becomes necessary.