• Educational Background:
    Julie Kang grew up in Fairfax County and graduated from JMU with a BS in Fine Arts-Printmaking and a K-12th grade Art Teaching Licensure. She has been teaching since 2012. She is excited to be teaching new and former students at Freedom High School!  Outside of school, she also enjoys hiking, watering plants, and playing games. She is currently teaching Ceramics and Art 1.
    Boardgame Club: Meets every Tuesday in Art room 804
    Elite Squad- Step Team: Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays* Schedule may change to daily due to performances
    Remind App: Kang-Art
    Art Room: 806 
    Planning Blocks A-4& B-5
    A Day
    1- 0915-1045 Ceramics
    2- 1055-1253 Art 1
    3- 1229-1429 Study Hall
    4- 1435-1603 Planning
    B Day
    5- 0915-1045 Planning
    6- 1055-1253 Art 1
    7- 1229-1429 Art 1
    8- 1435-160348 Art 1 
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