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Eagle Ridge Middle School Recognition Program

Student achievement in all areas of academics as well as the fundamental foundations of citizenship is recognized in a number of ways throughout the year. Below outlines the recognition programs at Eagle Ridge. We also want to hear about your students’ success outside of the school day. We welcome your news through email or phone calls.

Eagle Ridge Recognition Program

Student of the Month


Students selected monthly based on the following character traits:

Positive change in the area of academics – improved grades; improved assignment completion across contents, etc

Positive change in the area of attendance – improved punctuality to school and class; improved daily attendance, etc.

Character contribution – student exhibits a particular strength in trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, or citizenship

School spirit- student exhibits school spirit in exceptional ways

Given to 6 students monthly (one male / one female student per grade level)

A student can win the award only once while at Eagle Ridge Middle School

Quarterly Awards Ceremony (3 times per year)

Foundation Awards


Supports and follows school procedures and practices

Respectful of rules, property, and other students

Model for our BIG 3 program

Uses good manners, judgement, and exhibits a positive attitude

Contributes to the positive climate of Eagle Ridge

Work Ethic

Always tries his or her best

Does all classwork and homework on time

Goes over and beyond what is asked

Consistently gives 100%


Involves others in class in a positive way

Sets a positive example for others

Takes initiative in and out of class

Contributes to our community of learners


Completes all work and is prepared for class

Meets and exceeds standards of learning

Excellent quality of work

Works to ability and helps others

Achievement in Reading, Math, and Writing (three separate awards)

Students who bring up their grades and show extra effort

Honor Roll

All A's and B's on the report card

End of the Year Awards

This evening program will include all three grade levels.

Foundation Awards for the whole year

See Criteria listed above

Department Awards (one female and one male from each grade level)

Teachers in each department select one female and one male student from each grade level who has consistently mastered the subject standards throughout the year. These students are selected based on:

Grades, Assessments


Passion for the content

Spelling Bee Winner from each grade level

Winner from the school grade level spelling bee

Geography Bee

Winner from the school geography bee

Continental Math League Award

Determined by student performance on math challenges and accumulated points from the year.

Golden Eagle Award

8th grade only

Eighth grade teachers select one female and one male for this award. The Golden Eagle Award is based on the following criteria:



Participation in school activities and events


Throughout the year, there may be additional programs and competitions in which awards are given.

Last Modified on October 16, 2013