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    I grew up in Western Loudoun (Round Hill/Purcellville).   

    I played women's lacrosse for 5 years in Loudoun County and club at the college level for one year.

    I now live in West Virginia with my husband and have for 9 years.

    We have also lived overseas, in Singapore (South East Asia), for 13 months.  

    I enjoy camping, traveling, and doing a lot of outdoor activities.  

    When it comes to music, I listen to almost anything. 


    This is my 10th year teaching at Briar Woods and my 15th year with Loudoun County Public Schools over all.  

    I was the head JV lacrosse coach here at Briar many years ago. 

    I am currently the head coach of the Varsity Womans Lacrosse Team. 



    Loudoun Valley High School Alumni (class of 2003)

    Radford University (Class of 2007),   B.S. in Social Studies

    George Mason University (Class of 2016), Masters in Education


    Office Hours: 

    8:30-9:15am Monday and Thursday

    After School - by appointment 



    My 2022-23 Schedule:

     1st  Planning - room 505  5th Conceptual Physics with Mr.Hurtado - Room 507
     2nd Environmental Science with Mrs. Blackwell- room 506  6th Chemistry with Ms. Caulfield - Room 404
     3rd  Conceptual Physics with Mr. Hurtrado - Room 507  7th

    Environmental Science with Mrs. Blackwell - Room 505

     4th Planning - Room 505  8th

     Planning - Room 505

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