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    Mrs. Poniatowski graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences. She completed her Masters in Secondary Education at George Mason University. Prior to coming to Briar Woods she worked at Loudoun Valley High School. This will be her 15th year teaching in the county. Please feel free to contact her at anytime with questions or concerns.  


    My 2017-18 Schedule:

     1st  Study Hall (502)  5th AP Biology (506)
     2nd  Department Planning (502)  6th AP Biology (506)
     3rd  Research Biology (502)  7th Planning (502)
     4th  Research Biology (502)  8th Research Biology (502)

       Email: Amber.Poniatowski@lcps.org

    Course Information
    Gradebook & Class Page  School Resources
    Phoenix Gradebook

    Vision Link to AP Biology Resources

    Extra Curricular Positions
     - Sophmore Class Sponsor
     - UNICEF
     - Hip Hop Dance Club