Students may remain in the building for an activity or work under the supervision of a teacher.  Activity buses are provided on certain days and a schedule of the days and times will be posted along with the routes. Students must have written permission from parents in order to stay after school.


    All backpacks must remain in lockers during the day.



    Students are not permitted to skateboards or rollerblades to school. Students designated as "walkers" may ride bicycles.  Rack are available to store/lock bicycles.  ERMS cannot be responsible for lost or stolen bicycles.  Rollershoes are not permitted in school.



    While on the bus, students are under the direct supervision of the bus driver.  Students are expected to remain seated, keep inside the bus, talk in a manner which does not disturb the driver, and behave in the same manner expected at school.  Inappropriate behavior to and from the bus stop, at the bus stop, or on the bus may result in suspension of transportation privileges or suspension from school.



    Although this is a social time, students are expected to remain seated during lunch and conduct themselves in an acceptable manner.  When traveling to and from lunch, students are expected to remain respectful of other classes that are in session.  Teachers escorting their classes and those who are on duty assignment will monitor and enforce this expectatiion. While in the cafteria, students should raise their hands in order to receive permission to leave their seats and wait to be dismissed by a staff member. All food and drinks must be consumed in the cafeteria.  Students are responsible for disposing of their own trash and for the cleanliness of their seating area.  Students may pay cash for lunches and a la carte items, or they may open an account with the cafeteria.   Type A lunch (presently priced at $3.10) consists of an entrée, a choice of three fruits, vegetables, and milk.  Sandwiches are provided at no cost for students who forget their lunch or money.  We are unable to allow students to ‘charge’ a lunch.  Free and reduced-price meals are available to students whose parents qualify.  Applications are available in the main office.  Breakfast will be served at 8:10 each morning at a cost of $2.00.



    Parents should notify the main office if your address changes. Proof of residency will be required. If your phone number(s) changes, please notify the main office. 


    Use of toys, and electronic devices, (including but not limited to radios, MP3 players, iPods, CD players, games, phones, beepers, cameras, and pagers) brought from home are not to be used during school hours.  Laser pointers are not permitted at any time on school property.  Violations will result in the staff member taking the device.  Repeated violations will result in discipline for defiance.


    Students are expected to help keep the school clean and furniture in good repair.  Students found defacing or destroying school property are subject to disciplinary action and are liable for damages.



    Field trips are educational experiences away from school.  Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that would reflect proudly on their school.  For safety and management reasons the administration, in conjunction with a team of teachers, will determine if certain students are not eligible for field trips.



    During class changes students are expected to walk and talk in an orderly manner.  When classes are escorted by teachers, students should walk in a single line without talking.



    Any student excused from a class must have a pass, which is dated, timed, and signed by a staff member.  In most cases the agenda will be used for hall passes.  

    Library hours are determined annually.  A signed and dated parental permission slip is required to stay after school in the library (calling parents for permission is not permitted.)  Books may be checked out for a two-week period and renewed if necessary.  Reference books may be checked out overnight, but must be returned before first block of the following school day.  Students with overdue books will not be permitted to check out additional materials.  The borrower will be responsible for replacement costs of lost or damaged materials.
    Loudoun County Public Schools provides extensive online resources which students can access to research topics for school projects.  Passwords are available in the library.  These resources can be accessed via the school website.



    Lockers are provided as a convenience to students for the purpose of storing clothing, books, backpacks, lunches, and other materials.  Defacing the locker (inside or outside) by writing, scratching, or pasting stickers/pictures is forbidden.  Administrators reserve the right to enter any locker when it is necessary and proper to do so.  Locker problems should be reported to the dean or physical education teacher.  Locker combinations should not be shared with friends. Sharing lockers will only be permitted when our student population exceeds our locker availability. No instrument may be used to keep a locker open for easy access.  When closed, the locker should be locked securely.  Locker Decorating Policy 



    Clothing and other items should be clearly labeled with the owner’s name.  Lost and found items may be claimed in the main office, gym office and house offices.



    As we begin each school day, students observe a Minute of Silence as mandated by the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Immediately following the observance, students stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.  Most students will be in classrooms for the Minute of Silence and the Pledge.  However, students who may be at their lockers or in the hallway should stop what they are doing, remain silent, then recite the pledge before proceeding to class.

    Students are expected to dress and to participate in physical education.  Proper dress includes uniform, white socks and tennis shoes.  Uniforms are purchased from physical education teachers.



    Early in the school year, student pictures are taken and made available to parents.  Only those students who have a picture taken in the Fall can be included in the yearbook.  Spring pictures may also be offered. These are fund-raising activities for our school as well as a service to parents.



    Students must be prepared for classes.  Although some classes have special requirements, generally students are required to have textbooks, agenda, paper, pencil and/or pen.



    Public displays of affection are prohibited.  This includes, but is not limited to hugging, holding hands and kissing.



    The main office is open daily from 7:45-4:15.   The academic doors (Closest to House A) are unlocked from 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm (courtesy of parent volunteers) to allow students to retrieve books, etc from their lockers. Students may arrive at Eagle Ridge no earlier than 8:00 am.  Students arriving between 8:00 and 8:20 am will wait in the auditorium until the 8:20 am bell, when they will move to the designated grade level area in the building.  If a student comes in early to work with a teacher he/she must have a pass from that teacher.  Students will report to grade level designated area upon entering the building at 8:20 am.

    The Eagle’s Nest, operated by the PTA, is located off the hallway between the library and main office.  Times of operation are posted outside the school store.


    Throughout the school year, certain students at each grade level will be selected by their teams of teachers for certain awards.  The process will be explained to the students at the beginning of the year.
    We are interested in clubs that support and/or enhance the academic programs at our school.  The type of clubs available will be determined at the beginning of the year and will also depend on how many staff sponsors we have.

    The Internet, linking thousands of computer networks around the world, gives students access to a wide variety of information resources.  When using computers, students need to act responsibly.  Students are required to sign an Acceptable Use Practices  agreement and must use appropriate language and behavior on computers and networks.  Inappropriate use of computers could result in disciplinary action including loss of computer privileges.



    Students will not be called from class to answer telephone calls.  Office phones are for official business and not available for student use except in emergencies.  Students are not permitted to use their personal cell phones during the school day to call home.



    Textbooks are issued to students without charge.  Students are responsible for textbooks issued.  During the year, books will be checked and students will be charged for damages or lost books.  Students are encouraged to use book covers and are required to print their name clearly in ink on the inside cover of each textbook. Covers with adhesive backing may not be used on textbooks.  Textbooks should never be shared or loaned to another student.



    Visitors must enter the school through the front door, report to the main office, sign in, and receive a Visitor’s Pass.  All persons, except registered and enrolled students and employees of Eagle Ridge Middle School, are classified as visitors.  Students may not bring friends from other schools to attend classes, lunch or school activities.



    Orders for yearbooks are taken in the Fall.  Yearbooks are delivered to students at the end of the school year.