• Communication between home and school is vital to the education of your child. Each Loudoun County Public School staff member has been given an e-mail account to use as one communication tool between staff members and parents.


    In order to utilize e-mail as an effective communication tool, please consider the following guidelines and remember that our first priority is teaching. 

    • Teachers check e-mail daily; however it may or may not be at the same time each day.  Checking e-mail on weekends and holidays is certainly not required. Therefore, the content of e-mail should not be of a time-sensitive nature.
    • E-mail should not be used in place of the student agenda.  It is our goal to promote responsibility within our students.  Therefore e-mail should not be used to check daily assignments. 
    • E-mail should not be used for private conferences or discussions about your child’s progress.  It can be used to schedule these types of conferences. 
    • E-mail should not be used for emergency situations or timely information.
    • Please allow one business day (24 hours) for staff to respond to your emails or phone calls.


    Thank you for considering the nature of a teacher’s job when using these guidelines.