• Eagle Ridge Middle School Mission

    1.  Eagle Ridge Middle School is a place that is committed to learning and turning our students into confident and successful adults. Our students see us as Mentors, our parents see us as Partners.


    2.  Eagle Ridge strives to be a community of dependable, trustworthy, knowledgeable and motivating staff whose goal is to help the students grow into successful and confident adults.



     3.  Eagle Ridge Middle School's staff seeks to create a safe and positive environment conducive to developing a community of successful lifelong learners and productive citizens.



     4.  The staff of Eagle Ridge Middle school strives to promote a sense of belonging for every single child in a structured and secure environment. An emphasis is placed on learning by staff, students, and families that promote excellence on the local, state and national standards. The developmental needs of every child are purposefully addressed including an emphasis on developing the values that will lead to our students’ becoming productive citizens in our global society. We are committed to an array of programs and resources that can be accessed to ensure student success. 




Last Modified on September 10, 2013