• Mrs. Jennifer Amores-Kalich      
    Celebrating my 19th year of teaching and my
     7th year at Eagle Ridge . . . Awesome !


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    Long before joining LCPS, I started my teaching
    career in Blacksburg, Virginia where I 
    attended Virginia Tech for
    undergraduate and post-graduate

    studies.   Va Tech Hokies Rock ! ! ! !

    My professional career did not start in
    a public school . . .  my
     very first "real job" after
    Educational Programs Assistant
    at the National Zoo in Washington, DC.
    Later, I served in various roles in the Metro DC area.  I
    learned about the business world and quickly climbed
    the "Corporate Ladder" ( HR Manager , Director
    of HR , variations of upper management ) . . .

    However, I knew I truly belonged back in EDUCATION.

    Now that you know my professional background,
    I hope you get a chance 
    to know me as a member
    of the Eagle Ridge Team!

    Jennifer Amores-Kalich, M. Ed.
    Math Teacher 

    Mrs. Kalich in Florida
      Please bring headphones or  
     earbuds  w/ your LCPS-issued
     device to class . . .
     Thanks Very Much !

        Mrs.  Kalich's Accel Math Schedule
          A2 ,  A3 ,  A4  ,  
    B5 ,  B7 ,  B8  
          A 1  &  B 6  Planning and/or
                              Team Mtgs

    Homework assignments, test and quiz dates  

    are posted on Google Calendar.

    Grades are posted in PHOENIX ...
      grades are NOT in GoogleClassroom.

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