What is Quill and Scroll?
    Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society for High School Journalists supports and advocates for scholastic journalists and their teachers. They aim to provide means by which students and educators can best perform and fully realize the educational benefits of journalism. Media advisers, such as yearbook and newspaper, recommend outstanding high school journalism students for membership in Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society. More than 8,000 high school journalists are inducted into membership of the Honorary Society each year in recognition of their academic and journalistic achievements.
    How do I become a member?
    Membership is open to journalism students (to include yearbook, newspaper, and literary magazine) at John Champe High School who meet the following requirements:
    1. Students must be of sophomore, junior or senior classification.
    2. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.
    3. Students must have done superior work in some phase of journalism or school media work. 
    4. Students must be recommended by either Ms. Abdelrazaq, Ms. Smith, or Ms. Leon.
    5. Students must be approved by the Quill and Scroll Executive Director.