• PBIS in Mrs. Marine's Class

       Please refer to the Third Grade Team page for information about Discovery Elementary School's school-wide behavior approach.  This section is specific to Mrs. Marine's class.
    Trailblazer Tickets
       Students earn Trailblazer Tickets for showing good behavior, making good choices, helping others, being a good friend, etc.  Once enough tickets are earned, they can be traded for a variety of rewards.
    Whole Class Compliments
       When our class earns a compliment from an adult (usually other than Mrs. Marine), we place a magnet on our 'Journey to Good Behavior' poster on the front of Mrs. Marine's desk.  When we earn all of the magnets, students will choose a reward to be approved by Mr. Dallas and Mrs. Paquette.  Then we remove all magnets, and begin working toward our next reward.
    The Reminder Book
       Research shows that warnings are not effective in changing behavior.  Therefore, third-graders will use a 'Reminder Book'.  When a student has behaved inappropriately, he/she will make an entry in the Reminder Book.  He/She will note the inappropriate behavior, and what should have been done instead.  The book will be in a binder with dividers so entries are kept between me and the student.  Students may only look at their section of the book.
Last Modified on August 24, 2014