• Belmont Ridge Middle School English/Language Arts Department
    Heidi Branch, Language Arts Subject Area Lead Teacher (SALT)


    Goals for English/Language Arts Department

    • Promote the love of independent reading and build reading stamina both in class and schoolwide
    • Improve comprehension of nonfiction via TeenBizPro, an Achieve 3000 program
    • Create a passion for writing during Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month)
    • Help students learn to revise and edit through our after-school Writing Center
    • Incorporate reading and writing workshops

    • Vertically align all three grade levels within the school with both fifth grade and ninth grade
    • Support our teachers in professional development opportunities like the NCTE conference and NVWP Language & Learning Conference

    Digital Content and Resources

    • Achieve 3000
    • Google Classroom
    • Nanowrimo.org
    • Noredink.com
    • Membean
    • NY Times
    • Online subscription databases 


    Differentiated Instruction

    • Teach students to think at higher levels using Socratic seminars, writing prompts, class discussions, etc.
    • Offer challenging novels and vocabulary
    • Provide enrichment activities such as writing contests and the school spelling bee
    • Emphasize authentic writing for an authentic audience -- not writing for the teacher!

    8th grade teachers
    Margaret Stokes
    Jonathan Pitts
    Heidi Branch
    Lori Vosburgh
    Rebecca Newkirk
    7th grade teachers
    Nicole DiMario -- LA and Accelerating Literacy
    Maggie Hodges
    Maggie Mason
    Barb Hughes
    Rebecca Newkirk
    Margaret Stokes -- Communications
    6th grade teachers
    Melanie Muller
    Kathleen Cannon
    Sara Page
    Katie Chiet
    Kori Weaver
    Rebecca Brookover
    ELL teacher -- Christine Wyatt
    Reading specialist -- Desiree Hall
    Literacy Team
    Desiree Hall
    Melanie Muller
    Heidi Branch


Last Modified on December 19, 2016