Discovery Physical Education

       “Guiding children to be active for a lifetime”

       Our PE curriculum includes a balance of skills, concepts, game activities and rhythm experiences designed to enhance the physical, academic and emotional development of every child. Throughout the year, we teach lessons that allow every student the opportunity to work together to improve social responsibility and cooperation. Fitness scores and assessments are used as part of the ongoing process of helping students enjoy, understand, improve, and maintain an optimal level of health and well-being.

    Participation in Physical Education

       Students in grades 1–5 will meet with the Physical Education Specialist for 30 minutes three times a week. Students in full day Kindergarten will meet with the Physical Education Specialist for 30 minutes two times a week.  Students are encouraged to dress in comfortable clothes on their designated P.E. days. Appropriate shoes MUST be worn on P.E. days for safe participation (tennis shoes or sneakers). No open toed shoes, crocs, sandals, boots, or dress shoes will be allowed. Students may wear any shoe to school but will need to change into tennis shoes prior to P.E. Girls may wear dresses, but should wear shorts underneath. In the event your child’s participation is limited or restricted because of a medical condition, please notify us immediately in writing. After three consecutive days of missed participation, a doctor’s note is required. We encourage medical excuses to include what the child MAY or MAY NOT do! For a copy of the Physician Activity Checkllist click here..

    Report Card Scale
                                                                        4 = Exceeds standard
                                                                        3 = Meets standard
                                                                        2 = Progressing toward standard
                                                                        1 = Below standard
Last Modified on June 11, 2021