• Rising 6th Grade Parents

    Tips For Making An Easier Transition To Middle School



    1. Get a basic combination lock and have your child practice memorizing the combination and getting comfortable with using a combination lock.  Students report the number one stressor for rising 6th graders is lockers and the fear of not being able to open them.  A child who is comfortable with a simple combination lock will be much less stressed.


    1. Take a tour of the school.  Rising 6th graders visit River Bend MS in February for orientation and a tour of the school.  We also hold an open house for rising 6th graders before school starts in August.  Take advantage of every opportunity to visit the school, tour the grounds, and begin to get familiar with the environment.  This will help ease your child’s anxiety about getting lost that first week of school.  Attend Back to School night in September to meet teachers and understand procedures and expectations at the middle school.


    1. Help your child develop an organization strategy.  Another big issue for rising 6th grade students is organization.  What makes sense and works for you is not necessarily the best way for your child.  Talk with your child and share ideas to come up with a system they can handle.  One important thing to remember is homework assigned on A days should be completed on A days if possible; homework assigned on B days should be completed on B days.


    1. Communication.  Keep the lines of communication open between your child and the middle school staff.  Be informed of what is going on with your child, ask about their day, know who their friends are, and keep talking.  Check the school web page frequently, read the online newsletter each month, and follow River Bend on social media (Facebook and Twitter).


    1. Be mindful of your own anxieties.  If you have concerns and anxieties about your child moving to middle school, be careful about letting your child in on it.  Talk to your child in a positive way about the upcoming experience.  Relax.  We all made it through those years, and most of us came out just fine.  If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your child’s counselor or the Parent Liaison, Linda Ables.


    We look forward to you becoming a part of the River Bend family!