Mrs. Kim Woodward, School Counselor 


    The ISAEP/G.E.D. program at Douglass is designed to assist students between the ages of 16-18, who would not otherwise be eligible, to take the G.E.D. exam.  The acronym ISAEP stands for: Individualized Student Alternative Educational Plan.  This program is the only option for students 16-18 years of age to finish high school early.


    Students are referred by their home school guidance counselor to our program for many reasons:

    • They are behind in credits and will not graduate on time.
    • They are having difficulty remaining focused and will drop out.
    • They have a need to finish high school and move to the next phase of life.


    The ISAEP/G.E.D. option at Douglass School provides these students with:

    • Academic preparation
    • Career counseling
    • Workplace education
    • Job assistance
    • Transition planning


    In order to receive their G.E.D. with an ISAEP from Douglass School,

    each student must:


    • Pass all 4 of the G.E.D. subtests.
    • Complete vocational assignments geared to the world of work.
    • Engage in individual career counseling and transition planning.


    The ISAEP/G.E.D. program is a great option for students with poor grades, attendance, and motivation, who might eventually drop out of school.


    Our program gives students a second chance at a positive educational experience and the opportunity to attend college, work, learn a trade, enter the military and lead successful lives.
Last Modified on September 14, 2017