• Clubs and Activities

    Art Club: This recently formed club meets on Thursdays in the art room (113). Mrs. Cacciola is the sponsor.  

    Battle of the Books Club: This is a team of students who will compete against other High School teams to show their knowledge of ten specific book titles. Mrs. Swierczynski sponsor's this club and they meet once a month in her room (218).

    Book Club: This club meets once a month on the first Wednesday in the Library. Students read at least two titles a month and discuss them at the next meeting. Several field trips are planned in connection with titles read. It is sponsored by Ms. Lancaster.

    Chess Club: This club meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during lunch break in the foyer of the school to play chess. In the spring the best players will compete against other High School Chess Clubs. It is sponsored by Mr. Fournier & Mr. Kitchen.

    Culture Club: This club meet once a month starting in January. It meets in the Library and the countries to be studied this year will include: Italy, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Belize, and Iceland. Culture Club is sponsored by Ms. Lancaster and Ms. Tuten.

    DECA Club - Distributive Educational (Marketing) Clubs of America: This club meets once a month and it is co-curricular as well. It is sponsored by Mr. Moody and they will have competitive opportunities in the spring.

    Garden Club: This new club meets in the library every Thursday. It is sponsored by Ms. Fonte, Ms. Wysocki, and Ms. Lancaster.
    Gay/Straight Alliance Club (GSA):  This new club is sponsored by Ms. Lee.

    Guitar Club: This club will meet once a month in Room 216. Students can practice daily during lunch. This club is sponsored by Mr. Covel.

    SGA (Student Government Association): This club is formed by elected representatives and alternates from each Teacher Advisor group. School officers are elected to govern the needs of Douglass School. The SGA will meet at least monthly and its sponsor is Ms. Cacciola. 

    Writing Club: This club meets once a month in the library. If you love to write, want to hang out with other writers, and have a good time then this is the club for you! In Writing Club our goal is to inspire and encourage students to write---and most importantly, to have fun doing it. Ms. Lancaster and Ms. Tuten are the sponsors.


Last Modified on October 22, 2015