• Request For Absence To Be Excused On Educational Grounds
         Whenever any student accumulates a minimum of five unexcused absences in a school year, the parent or guardian will be required to provide the school with documentation from a licensed physician regarding the reason for any subsequent absences. If an additional unexcused absence occurs during the school year, a plan to resolve the non-attendance will be developed. Upon any subsequent unexcused absences within the school year, the attendance officer will file a complaint with the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court as described in §22.1–258 of the Code of Virginia.
    Absence from School

         Recognizing there are legitimate circumstances that prevent students from being in school, the School Board has provided that principals shall excuse students who are absent because of personal illness, death in the family, medical or dental appointments, court appearances, and religious holidays when notification and appropriate documentation has been provided by the parent/guardian.
         When a student is absent for all or any portion of the day, the parent or guardian is responsible for notifying the school of the reason and justification for the absence in a timely manner. At the principal’s discretion, a physician’s note may be required to excuse an absence. Principals also are authorized to excuse students who are absent because of illness in the immediate family or emergencies that, in the judgment of the principal, require a student to be absent. This includes trips that extend or enhance a student’s education when such trips are approved in advance by the principal.
         Regardless of the reason for an absence of 15 or more consecutive days,VAC 20–110–130 of the Virginia Administrative Code requires that the student be dropped from the attendance rolls. Such students must be re-enrolled and assigned to a classroom as determined by the principal or designee. Principals or designees may discipline students for unexcused absences and excessive tardies.
    Making up School Work after an Absence
         Whenever a student is absent, whether an excused or unexcused absence or a suspension absence, if the principal requires make-up work, a reasonable amount of time, consistent with the length of the absence, will be given to the student to make up the work missed. Upon return from absence, the student is responsible to initiate immediate action to make up the work. Upon such request of the student, the teacher is responsible for providing assignments, tests, and other work that must be made up and informing the student clearly when make-up work for which grades will be given is due. Failure to complete such make-up work within the time allowed will result in a failing grade for those assignments, tests, or other work.Make-up work turned in within the time allowed will be graded on the same basis as other work.