Welcome to English!
    Students within my classes will focus on critical reading and writing while analyzing various pieces of literature. We will be focusing on specific themes and archeotypes introduced in literature, such as societal pressure, coming of age, right of passage, and the outcast, the innocent, and the trickster. Vocabulary and grammar studies will also be an essential component of each class. For more detailed information on this class, such as course descriptions, expectations, policies, and syllabii,  please log in to https: loudoun.vision.org
    If you have any further questions about English, please feel free to email me.
    Karrie Rinder

    Ms. Rinder has taught in several different states and school systems. She holds mulitple certifications within Virginia and the northeast corridor. In 2015 Ms. Rinder was awarded the NCTE Teacher of Excellence Award for the state of Virginia. Ms. Rinder has attended the College of the Holy Cross, George Mason University, Cambridge University, University of Paris, Yale University, Bard College, Don Quixote, and Instituto Cervantes. Ms. Rinder began teaching English at Dominion High School in 2004.  has served as a member of Loudoun County's Curriculum Revision Commitee, as well as the Reading and Writing Task Forces. Ms. Rinder continues to work with new teachers improving their instruction and classwork management skills.