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     Carolyn Cleveland
      9th Grade Health & PE 

    This is my fifth year teaching at Stone Bridge HS, where I will be teaching 9th grade Health and Physical Education in addition to an Advanced PE - Total Fitness/Body Pump class. I earned my undergraduate degree in Health Promotion & Fitness at Keene State College in Keene, NH.  I also holds a Master's Degree in Health Education from SUNY Cortland.  I taught Middle School Health in upstate NY for 6 years, before moving to Virginia 6 years ago.  I live in Leesburg with my husband and 3 daughters, Lauren, Cameron, and Addison.  I look forward to another great year here at Stone Bridge! 

    A DAYS 
    1st Block - Health & PE 9 - Main Gym/L601
    2nd Block - Planning - Women's PE Office
    3rd Block - Advanced PE/Total Fitness - Aux Gym
    4th Block - Health & PE 9 - Main Gym/L603
    B DAYS  
    5th Block - Health & PE 9 - Main Gym/L603
    6th Block - Health & PE 9 - Main Gym/L603
    7th Block - Lunch/Common Planning - Women's PE Office
    8th Block - Study Hall - Room 211 


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    Welcome to 9th Grade Health & PE! 
    Materials Needed:
    Physical Education Clothes (T-Shirt & Shorts/sweatpants) & Athletic Shoes NO FLIP-FLOPS, UGGS, SLIP-ONS, SLIPPERS, ETC.

    Course Overview

    Health & Physical education is geared towards teaching students how to be active and healthy for a lifetime.  We focus on getting students moving through different activities and hope they will continue to be active as they go through life.  Students will have the opportunity to explore health topics and promote healthy lifestyles during their health units.  Each student is required by the state of Virginia to complete two years of Health and Physical Education to graduate.      


    Physical Education

    Physical education makes up 50% of your grade.

    Each day students can earn up to 20 points (See attached rubric)

    Activity: There will be a variety of activities offered throughout the year.  Each activity grade is dependent upon the students’ participation, cooperation, & sportsmanship.  Students will be assessed based on the standards provided in the rubric.

    Health Education

    Health Education makes up 50% of your grade.

    Your grade will come from a combination of different assessments.

    Formative grades: Classwork & Activities

    Summative grades:  Assessments – Quizzes/Tests/Projects


    Attendance in PE is critical as this is an activity based class.  You must be in class participation and adhering to the standards in order to receive credit. 

    If a student is absent it is their responsibility to pick up missed class work/ assignments.  If a student misses an assessment, they should come talk to me to make arrangements to make up. 

    Each student will be allowed two excused absence from PE each quarter.  If a student has more than two excused absence it must be made up.  Unexcused absences may not be made up.

    Classes can be made up in a variety of way:

    Come to any PE class to participate during a study hall (must have a pre-signed pass from me & have permission from teacher teaching that block)

    Do a 1 page written assignment on the sport/activity/topic missed

    Other options on a case by case basis

    I look forward to great a year with you in Heath & PE – Welcome to Stone Bridge!  

     Contact Information
    43100 Hay Road,Ashburn VA 20147