Welcome to Mrs. Ales'  8th Grade Math Home Page!
    Mrs. Ales  Quick Facts: Mrs. Ales...
     >From Bedford, VA.

    >has a bachelor's in math and secondary education.

    >7th year at RBMS.

    >Previously Ms. Bollinger.

    >Find me in Lab 2.


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    Mrs. Ales’ 2018-2019 Schedule

    1A – Algebra I

    2A – Algebra I

    3A – Planning

    4A – Algebra I

    5B – Coding

    6B –  Coding

    7B – Planning

    8B – Geometry

    My expectactions of students in my class:

    • Respect others, yourself, belongings, and your teacher.
    • Come to class ready to learn! This includes having your completed homework, all materials, and a mindset ready for learning.
    • Behave responsibly by using your agenda to track assignments, being mindful of how your behavior affects the learning of others, and by using technology appropriately.
    • Leave drinks, food, gum, and cell phones in your locker.


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