Health Office
    Students Health Services Makes It Happen!  

    Health Office 

    Hours: 7:40 AM – 3:40 PM 

    Phone (571) 252-2260  Fax (703) 779-8953 


    School Nurse: Leanna Seipel


    Resource Nurses supervise the Health Clinic Specialist in the elementary schools and develop health-related training programs for school personnel.  Each Resource Nurse covers 8-12 schools and is equipped with a cellular phone. 


    Resource Nurse: 

    Cynthia DelGross, BSN, RN 

    Email:  Cynthia.DelGross@lcps.org 

    Phone:  (571) 252-1017 



    Tips for a Smooth School Year 


    Let’s be safe! 

    All medications, prescription or over the counter, must be brought to the school’s health office by a parent.  Without a doctor’s order, a student cannot carry any medicine to school including vitamins and supplements, cough drops or antibiotic or anti-itch creams.  Please go to the “LCPS Health Service FAQ” link on this page for more information. 


    Let’s prevent injuries! 

    Please make sure your student has appropriate shoes for daily recess.  Footwear should be closed toe with supportive, non-skid soles. 


    Let’s be comfortable! 

    All ages can benefit from keeping a change of clothes in their backpack.  No matter the grade food spills, liquid spills and mud happen.  Ready access to a change of clothes your child feels comfortable in will prevent phone calls to parents to bring items to school and the loss of classroom time.