Titan Clinic


    Nicole Wong, RN, BSN

    School Nurse
    Dominion High School
    Ph: 571-434-4402 (clinic) 
    Fax: 571-434-4401

    The Dominion High School clinic is staffed by a registered nurse and is open daily from 8:45-4:30

    Please remember that students are not permitted to carry any type of medication to school, except inhalers and EpiPens.  This includes prescription and over-the-counter medications.  All medications must be brought to school by a parent/adult and given to the school nurse with the appropriate forms signed and filled out completely.  Updated forms are required for each new school year. Also, please remember that all medications MUST be picked up at the end of the school year, or they will be disposed of, as required by state law. 
Last Modified on May 8, 2023