Catoctin's Health Clinic
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    The clinic is open during school hours:
    Monday - Friday
    7:30am  - 3:00pm 
    Phone:  (571) 252-2940 

    Debra Frankovich, School Nurse 



    Students with medication needs, asthma, allergies, seizures or diabetes must submit new signed orders from a physician before the start of the next school year.  All forms can be found on the www.lcps.org website.  Click on the “parent tab” to find the forms listed under “Medication at School – for Parents”.  I may not administer any medicines without a doctor’s order. 

    Students may not be in possession of over the counter or prescription medications at school. Medications must be brought to school by the PARENT and given to the clinic staff. There is a form that must be signed and it too is available at the above website or it can be filled out in the clinic. This does include cough drops.   
    All medications must be in their original containers.   Over the counter medicines should be provided in unopened packages.
    If you need any care plans I can provide you the paperwork.  Please feel free to contact me at (571) 252-2940.


    Debra Frankovich, School Nurse


    Catoctin Elementary School

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