Welcome back National Spanish Honor Society members!  This Honor Society is a community service based society in which we try to help our local Loudoun community and, more specifically, the hispanic community within Loudoun.  If you are interested in chatting in Spanish, tutoring a fellow student in a lower level of Spanish, working volunteer positions at the Holiday Coalition, Loudoun Interfaith Relief food drives, clothing drives, participating in the Holiday Tree project, or various other functions to which we contribute, then perhaps the National Spanish Honor Society is the right place for you! 
    Please check out the Honor Society application to see if you are eligible to apply.  If you meet the necessary requirement, print out the form and have your parent/guardian and your counselor sign that you have met the proposed GPA requirements.  Then bring it back to Mrs. Celis in room L207 at the end of the first semester! (More specific dates to follow as the year progresses) 

    Make sure you listen to the daily announcements for upcoming meetings and activities planned or simply look for the bulletin posted in your Spanish classroom or around the building.