• Mr. Guillen 
    Department: Art Department
    Team: Griffin                                                                                                                                                   E-mail:  Michael.Guillen@lcps.org
    Planning Time A Day: Block 3
    Planning Time B Day: Block 7

       Mr. Guillen received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from George Mason University and also holds a Masters in Video Based Production.  Prior to teaching in Loudoun County, he worked in children's television.  Mr. Guillen started his career with Loudoun County Public Schools 9 years ago as an elementary school art teacher.  This is his fourth year at Farmwell Station Middle School and he looks forward to working with all of his students.  Mr. Guillen believes that we are all visual learners and that the Arts are an important part of making connections in the world, communicating with others, and becoming critical thinkers.
    Tips on how to be Successful in Art Class:
    - There are 2 kinds of grades that are given:  "Warm ups" are worth 20% of the quarter grade and "Projects" are worth 80% of the quarter grade. 
    -  Participation in class discussions is important and helps generate ideas, so listen to others and share your observations.
    -  Craftsmanship is showing good use of the materials, neatness, thoughtfulness in design, and time management.  You should always do your best on your assignments and take pride in your work.
    -  Set a goal for the quarter!  When setting a goal it is important to make your goal realistic and achievable for yourself but also pushes you a little bit so that you show growth.  Remember the goal that we created together, and if you achieve your goal then you were successful!  If your goal was too easy to obtain, then lets talk about  setting a new goal that encourages you to grow.
    -  If you miss class, make sure to talk with me when you return and find out what you have missed.  Then we can work out a schedule to help you catch up!
    -Students scoring below a 70% have the option to come in and work on an assignment to improve their grade within a week of receiving their grade.  Assignments submitted for re-grading can only receive a 70% as stated in our school's retesting policy.  Please keep in mind that all work must be completed within that week and in time for the end of each quarter.
    -  You are always welcome to come in and work on missed work during your resource block and/or in the morning from 8:00 am until the first bell.  Please make sure that you schedule an appointment and ask for a pass.
    -  For parents, my goal is that each student walks away knowing the strengths of their work and any areas that they may need to improve on.  They should be able to share this information with you as well.  After each project is graded, I meet with each student individually to conference about their project grades.  If your child can not recall why they received the grade they earned, please encourage them to come see me so we can discuss the project again.