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  •  English 8 Teacher

    Mrs. Schiavo likes to spend her summers in Asheville, NC
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     Harmony Hornet
     Sarah Schiavo
    In 2006, Sarah Schiavo graduated from the great Penn State University in her home state of Pennsylvania. From there, she spent four years teaching alternative and high school English before moving to NoVa. Once in Loudoun, she taught at Dominion and Seneca Ridge before finally finding her home here at Harmony! She has been here ever since, happily teaching 8th grade English and running our school's WEB mentorship program.
    She lives in Ashburn with her husband and baby daughter.  
     Course Information
    Google Classroom - You will need a class code.
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     Block 1- Academic English 8
     Block 2- Academic English 8 (w/Ms. Craig)
     Block 3- Honors English 8
     Block 4- Planning in A6
     Block 5- Honors English 8
     Block 6- Planning in A6
     Block 7- Honors English 8
     Block 8- Academic English 8 (w/Ms. Craig)
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