John Champe High School Debate
    Team Captains
    Sanjna Ramesh
    Sehajroop Gadh 
    Nina Chinna 
    Shweatha Rameshkumar 
    Angelina Cherian 
    Sponsor: Tonya Williams, tonya.williams@lcps.org


    A debate is an organized argument or contest of ideas in which the participants discuss a topic from two opposing sides. If you like to argue, you might enjoy debate.   

    At Champe, we participate in several different debate forms.  


    Policy Debate 

    Policy debate is a form of team debate where a team of 2 debates another team of 2 about a policy question.  The policy question typically remains the same for an entire academic school year.  The affirmative team will present a plan in response to the policy question.  The negative team attempts to show why the proposed plan is not viable.   


    An example of a policy debate topic is: Resolved- the United States federal government should substantially increase its transportation infrastructure within the United States.    


    Public Forum Debate 

    Public Forum Debate is another team debate activity where a team of 2 goes against another team of 2 arguing for or against an issue posited by a given topic.  The goal is to be persuasive and logical.   


    An example of a public forum debate topic is: Resolved- the United States should abolish the capital gains tax.   


    Lincoln Douglas Debate 

    Lincoln Douglas Debate is an individual debate form wherein 1 person debates another about whether something is right or wrong.  Lincoln Douglas topics change throughout the school year.   


    An example of a Lincoln Douglas debate topic is: Resolved- Burger King is better than McDonald’s.   


    Student Congress  

    Student Congress is an opportunity for participants to engage in debate modeled after a state or national legislature.  Student Congress is a great introduction to debate during which participants propose resolutions or bills to be voted upon after debate on the issues.