Welcome to the JCH Latin Club!
    In order to join the Latin Club, you must be a current Latin student at Champe, Willard, or Mercer.  Ask your teacher for details about dues and meeting dates.  We have regular meetings to plan our events. 
    Potential Activities this Year:
    Mythology Movies
    National Latin Honor Society Inductions
    VJCL Convention-- November 24-25 (weekend before Thanksgiving)
    Scavenger Hunt
    Punic Wars 
    Rome's birthday 
    t shirts
    NJCL Convention-- July 24-29, 2020; RICHMOND, VIRGINIA!
           lemuria       punic war
     horse race       discus
    pizza party collage      Club 2017
    Champe delegation      Roman Procession
    NJCL 2018
    For information on meeting dates and times and activities, please see the daily announcements or ask your Latin teacher.