• Welcome!!!
    My name is Danielle Troianello.  You'll probably hear from your children refer to me as Ms. T.  I have been teaching the ID/MD program since starting at Dominion High School in 2010.  Since 2001 I have been teaching in special education classrooms both in the state of Virginia and the state of New Jersey.  I have had experience teaching in self contained math and reading classes for 7th and 8th grade students, self contained autism classrooms for pre-k to 6th grade students, and have worked in a private special education school for children with severe disabilities.  I love my job and love working with the students and strive to be at my best so that they can do their best.  I am currently hold a Master's Degree in Special Education.  The students that are enrolled in my classes are held to a high standard.  I believe that with the appropriate instruction and support, that my students can and will achieve success inside and outside of the classroom.  Fostering independence is one of my key goals for my students because high school is the last step in their education and they need to be as independent as they can so that they can be successful when they graduate.

    Should you ever need to reach me, the number for the school is 571-434-4400 and my room number is L313.  My email address is danielle.troianello@lcps.org.
    I look forward to a great year with the students.  Let's all make it the best year yet!!!!
    Danielle Troianello 
Last Modified on September 15, 2016