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    From a general perspective, Mr. Buchanan was born Guantanamo Bay, Cuba the third of four children in a military family. His father’s vocation afforded him the opportunity to live in a variety of states from the northeast, to the southeast and the west coast along with a variety of countries. Imagine living in the rolling hills of rural northeast Mississippi when schools were finally integrated, to playing on the hills and twisting streets of San Francisco, to planning an afterschool party on Waikiki beach or finding you are the only English speaking person in the group.

    This diverse background and over twenty years of experience in Loudoun County Public Schools, only adds to his awareness of maintaining a strong instructional focus with high expectations for all students in a safe and secure environment. He uses this experience to collaboratively work with students in a way that validates their efforts and stretches their imagination in promoting and maintaining a school culture of high expectations.

    Mr. Buchanan’s educational philosophy is simple. In order to be successful in our society, education is essential. As a result he considers himself a lifetime learn. He earned an undergraduate degree, BA while in Memphis, Tennessee and a BS in Ed while in Charleston, West Virginia. His graduate course work includes five different universities resulting in a Master and Ph. D. from the Theological University of America and a Master in Science Education and Administration from George Mason University. 

    My 2022-23 Schedule:

                                A - Days

    Block 1 - Department Duty Rm. 505

    Block 2 - C-Physics Rm. 507

    Block 3 - R-Chemistry Rm. 406

    Block 4 - R-Chemistry Rm. 406  

                               B  - Day

    Block 5 -  Department Duty Rm. 505

    Block 6 -  Chemistry Rm. 406  

    Block 7 - Independent Science Research Rm. 406

    Block 8 - CLT Meeting


      Email daniel.buchanan@lcps.org
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