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  • 7th Grade American History

    Bridgewater College:
    BA History and Politicial Science
    8th Grade: Civics- 9 years
    10th Grade: World History- 1 year
     Harmony Hornet
    Welcome To American History 1865-Now!!
    Mr. Bell is entering his 11th year in teaching and his first at Harmony Middle School. He earned his Bachelor's degree and teaching certification from Bridgewater College in Bridgewater Virginia. He has previousy in Augusta County, Virginia and in Loudoun at Seneca Ridge MS, Dominion HS, and now begins a new chapter at Harmony MS.
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    7th grade history will cover a variety of historical topics in American history spanning from 1865-The present. In addition, we will investigate the historical research process and gain a brief understanding of American geography. 
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    Class news and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. Major announcements will also be posted on the my school calendar link on the left side of this page. 
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