• Mrs. Morrison

    Community Base Instruction

    Community-Based Instruction (CBI) helps students develop age-appropriate skills for functioning outside the school environment. CBI prepares students for successful transition to adulthood after graduation.  This program is designed to prepare each student to live, work and recreate independently, (or to the greatest level of independence possible).   

    During CBI this year, we will focus on Communication, Functional Academics, Motor Skills, Personal Management, Recreation and Leisure, School and Community, Social Competence and Vocational Skills.

    Students will receive a monthly CBI calendar highlighting different events. 


    Required Materials:

    ·         Agenda                                               

    ·         Pencils/Pens                           

    ·         Various food items and supplies



    Grades will be determined based on the following:

    ·         Class/community participation

    ·         Assignments


    Tips for Success:

    1.      Come to class on time and prepared

    2.      Follow classroom and community directions

Last Modified on August 29, 2014