• Ms. Taylor has been in the northern Virginia area since 1983. Her bachelors degree is from Rutgers University, and she has masters classes in education from George Mason University. Ms. Taylor has almost 30 years of experience in computers, most recently 11 years of java development. She is in her 5th year in the Math Department and is teaching Algebra 1 and Restart Daily Algebra. Ms. Taylor is on the Giants and Astros teams. She also plays percussion with Loudoun Symphonic Winds (http://www.lcbandinc.org/), hikes, and enjoys fiber arts.

     Algebra 1
    9-week plan

     This is an estimate of assessments and is subject to change.




    2/4 and 5

    Quiz (Graphing Systems of Equations and Inequalities)

    2/13 and 14

    Unit 7 Test (Systems)

    2/26 and 27

    Unit 8 Test (Exponent Properties and Scientific Notation)

    3/6 and 9

    Quiz (Add, Subtract, Multiply and Solve Polynomials)

    3/20 and 23

    Unit 9 Test (Polynomials)


    Restart Algebra 1


    3rd Quarter 9-week Plan


    All dates are subject to change




    Monday 2/9

    Quiz (Vocabulary, Combining Like Terms, Distribution)

    Thursday 2/12

    Quiz (Solving Equations)

    Wednesday 2/18

    Quiz (Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides, Writing Equations)

    Tuesday 2/24

    Test (Equations)

    Wednesday 3/4

    Quiz (Proportion)

    Wednesday 3/11

    Quiz (Linear Equations)

    Monday 3/16

    Quiz (Slope, y-intercept, Vocabulary)

    Thursday 3/19

    Test (Linear Equations and Graphing)

    Friday 3/20

    Start of Algebra 1 curriculum

    Wednesday 3/25

    Quiz (PEMDAS, Evaluating and Writing Expressions, Writing Equations and Inequalities)


    To contact Ms. Taylor, please send e-mail to valeri.taylor@lcps.org 

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