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    A graduate of Loudoun County public schools, Mrs. Kittelson begins her 16th year of teaching Family and Consumer Sciences as a member of the Career and Technical Education Department. She graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelors degree in education and also holds a masters degree in counseling.
    Currently most every family in America is facing unforeseen challenges. Whether these challenges include changes in their career, finances, illness, housing, or taking care of elderly family members, they are real and can be unsettling or downright scary. Family and Consumer Sciences (F.A.C.S.) courses focus on the skills necessary to tackle today’s changing world. Students who are enrolled in courses in our F.A.C.S program will be empowered to make educated, thought out decisions which are relevant to their personal and family lives now and well into their future.
    Course I teach:
    Early Childhood I & II

    Early Childhood I DE with NOVA CC
    Personal Finance (.5)

    Teacher Cadet DE with Shenandoah University

    PEER Sponsor

    Virtual Loudoun Personal Finance

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