• Life Science 7

    Mr. Masarik
     Educational Affiliations
    Mercyhurst University 
    West Virginia University
    Mr. Andrew Masarik
    7th Grade Life Science Teacher (entering 9th year)
    Science Department SALT (entering 2nd year)
    I earned my BA in Earth/Space Science Education from Mercyhurst University in 2004 and earned my MS in Athletic Coaching Education from West Virgina University in 2009.  
    I have taught may different subjects within science.  By far, biology as been the most enjoyable and satisfying of all.  I hope to use that enthusiasm to motivate my students to find success in my classes.  
    Let's have a great year!!
    Mr. Masarik
     Course Information
    A1- Life Science B5- CLT Planning
    A2- Resource B6- Life Science
    A3- Life Science B7- Life Science
    A4- Life Science B8- Life Science
    Course materials and assignments can be found in Schoology. Please visit my Schoology Page to learn more!
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