•  Science Teacher

     Educational Affiliations
      Long Island University
    George Mason University
    Mrs. Bland has completed her fifth year of teaching at Heritage High School.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Long Island University and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Education Leadership through GMU.  She is thrilled to be serving as the Science Department Chair and teaching Research Biology and Independent Science Research. 

     Course Information
     Google Classroom
     All classroom information can be found in Google Classroom.  All students have access.  Parents can request access through guardian by sending Mrs. Bland an email.
    Class Codes
    A1:  9b56h2d
    A3:  bcy6p88
     B5:  8hiwlsm
    B6:  j5hvhfz
    A1- Independent Science Research (DE) B5- Research Biology
    A2- Science Center Duty B6- Research Biology
    A3- Independent Science Research (DE) B7- Planning
    A4- Planning B8- Department Chair Duty
    Mrs. Bland uses Remind for important reminders and as a way to communicate key information and/or last minute changes to students.  Parents may request access by sending Mrs. Bland an email.
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     PBIS Internal Coach  
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    520 Evergreen Mills Road SE Leesburg, VA 20175