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    Assessment & Grading Expectations
    In addition to the Loudoun County Public Schools Expectations Regarding Assessment and Grading, Algonkian has the following expectations:
    • Max value of each assignment is “4”. A “3” indicates that a student has met the standard.
    • An “X” is used to indicate that a student does not need to complete the assignment (exempt).
    • A “Z” is used to indicate that the student is missing an assignment.
    • Grades will be posted in the Grade Book within 5 days from the assignment’s due date
    • Not all assignments will be available for parents to view (ex. Diagnostic assessments). Grade level teams will determine which assignments are to be viewed.
    Information describing an assignment can be found under the assignment description. Please use ParentVUE as a tool to view individual assignment/test/quiz grades. The final grade can fluctuate and change at any given time depending upon the number of assignments and the weighting of assignments, so what you view may be adjusted. If you have any questions regarding a grade on an assignment/test/quiz, please contact your child’s teacher.
  • Grading Legend
    Exempt = Student is exempt from an assignment and the assignment will not be included in any grade calculation.
    Missing = Student has NOT completed the assignment and the assignment counts as a zero in grade calculations until it is turned in and the grade is entered. The “Missing” comment will display until the assignment is turned in and the grade is entered.
    Turned In = The assignment has been turned in, but not yet graded. The assignment is not included in any grade calculation until a grade is entered.
    Late-Turned In = The grade given may reflect the fact that the assignment was turned in late.
    Absent on Due Date =The student was absent when the assignment was due. If the grade is entered, the grade is included in grade calculation.
    Floor Grade = The grade is not reflecting the grade earned, but reflects the practice of "floor" grades.
    Grade Revision Pending = Initial grade recorded, waiting on revision from student for final grade. Entered grade is included in grade calculation.
  • District Announcements


    Proper pupil accounting requires LCPS to withdraw a student if he/she is not present on the first day of school. This will impact the child’s status in your ParentVUE account. Be assured, when your child attends his/her first day of school, LCPS will re-enroll your child. No action on your part is required.

    Download the ParentVUE Web vs. App document to view the differences in information available in the mobile app and the web version of ParentVUE (En Español).

    Before school starts on 8/22/19, please update to the most recent version of the ParentVUE app.

    Effective August 1, the web version of ParentVUE uses a new, fully responsive interface. The interface for the mobile apps remains unchanged. Sign into the web version of ParentVUE on a computer to check it out!

    Expunge forms for High School courses taken in Middle School in the 18-19 SY may be downloaded by going to the Additional Information tab and clicking Middle School Expunge Form. If you have questions about the process, please contact the Office of School Counseling Services. 
    Los formularios de cancelación para los cursos de secundaria que se tomaron en la escuela media durante el año escolar 18-19 pueden descargarse en la pestaña de Información Adicional al hacer clic en el Formulario de cancelación de la escuela secundaria. Si tiene preguntas sobre el proceso, comuníquese con la Oficina de Servicios de Consejería Escolar. 
Last Modified on September 10, 2019