• The LCPS Energy & Environment Team


    The LCPS Energy & Environment Team includes all students, staff, parents and other community members who make up the totality of individuals who utilize LCPS sites.






    “Every dollar that pays an unnecessarily high energy bill could be spent for a much better purpose – teaching children.”




    The LCPS Energy & Environment Team will ensure efficient and effective stewardship of public resources through continually striving to reduce district energy use and cost without negatively impacting health and safety, the educational environment or productivity.


    Program Administrators:


    Michael Barancewicz - Energy Education Specialist

    John Lord - Energy Education Specialist


    Core objectives that support the goal and actions that support core objectives:


          I.        Coordinate energy savings efforts and implement appropriate best practices.

    a.    Implement a variety of audits types in district facilities to insure operational efficiency, optimum educational environment, and compliance with School Board Policy §6-42. 

    b.    Coordinate with Building Administrators regarding usage of facilities outside of standard instructional hours to insure proper space utilization consistent with energy conservation.

    c.    Assist Building Administrators on behalf of the Mechanical Trades Supervisor regarding the use and functionality of Building Automation and HVAC Systems.

    d.    Coordinate with Building Administrators regarding overnight, weekend, and holiday shutdown procedures.

    e.    Coordinate with County of Loudoun Parks, Recreation and Community Services regarding their various uses of LCPS facilities.

    f.     Implement pertinent best practices as defined by the Virginia School Boards Association’s “Green Schools Challenge,” The Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program, and Cenergistic.

    g.    Report observed safety hazards to the affected Building Administrator and/or Supervisor of Safety and Security.

    h.    Promote energy conservation through positive feedback to all students, staff, parents and other community members who make up the totality of individuals who utilize LCPS sites.


        II.    Evaluate and utilize the most effective energy providers and rates.

    a.    Insure that all district utility accounts are on the proper rate schedule.

    b.    Insure district participation in any rebate program offered by energy providers.

    c.    Participate in governmental cooperative energy buying groups, as available, to insure that utility rates remain as favorable as possible.

    d.    Consult with the appropriate Virginia Certified Purchasing Officer regarding energy contracts and assist in administration of contract terms.


       III.    Report on program efforts and status via various media and methods.

    a.    Report to Director of Facilities Services as required regarding energy use and cost.

    b.    Report to School Board annually on status and success of program.

    c.    Communicate directly with Principals, Faculty, and Staff as to the status of their building’s energy use and cost.

    d.    Create, maintain, and periodically update the Energy & Environment section of the LCPS Website.

    e.    Coordinate with the Public Information Office to utilize external media opportunities to promote successes of the district’s energy management program.

    f.     Produce special reports for internal and external requestors as needed.


      IV.    Prepare energy budget draft for district leadership.

    a.    Estimate energy requirements and budget allotments for all district facilities.

    b.    Estimate budget surplus or deficit status throughout each fiscal year.


       V.    Oversee accurate execution of energy billing functions.

    a.    Review and authenticate utility bills.

    b.    Facilitate timely processing of utility bills.

    c.    Interact with utility representatives to rectify billing errors.

    d.    Set up new utility accounts for billing.

    e.    Coordinate utility accounts during a change of vendor process.


      VI.    Research and recommend energy efficient methods and materials.

    a.    Advise, assist and make recommendations on energy consumption and general energy conservation measures.

    b.    Provide input on capital projects related to energy management and the purchase of any products that affect energy consumption.

    c.    Participate in conferences, symposiums, and other educational events which are focused on energy efficiency and conservation methods and/or materials.


     VII.    Utilize accounting software to manage energy usage and cost data.

    a.    Maintain energy and water consumption records and data.

    b.    Provide data for custom reporting needs of internal and external requestors as required.

    c.    Assure that necessary maintenance, updates and related tasks occur to insure functionality of software to meet LCPS needs.


    VIII.    Develop and maintain professional and industry contacts.

    a.    Interact with federal, state, and local governmental agencies to monitor energy policy and program trends.

    b.    Continue relationships with utility account representatives.

    c.    Participate in professional associations.

    d.    Support the LCPS business partnership with Cenergistic.

    e.    Support peer school districts in their energy efficiency and conservation efforts.

    f.     Annually coordinate with representatives of the Virginia School Boards Association regarding energy efficiency and conservation programs.


      IX.    Seek program improvement through staff development.

    a.    Equip Program Administrators with latest knowledge and resources through participation in staff development activities.

    b.    Earn and maintain appropriate professional certifications.

    c.    Provide on-going staff development for administrators, faculty and staff in various departments.

    d.    Provide leadership and mentorship through a summer internship opportunity as funds are available.


       X.    Implement methods for measuring and recognizing success.

    a.    Coordinate with development of internal staff recognition events and programs.

    b.    Administer ENERGY STAR program to highlight and recognize achievements.

    c.    Administer LCPS participation in the Virginia School Boards Association’s “Green Schools Challenge.”

    d.    Participate in the Governor’s Environmental Excellence Awards program.

    e.    Coordinate with Public information Office for National School Public Relations Association recognition programs.

    f.     Provide support for selected pilot, experimental or trial programs as they arise.


      XI.        Produce and provide extracurricular instructional opportunities

    a.    Participate in civic, community, school, and professional engagements by creating special presentations, authoring articles, and/or manning a booth with a hands-on activity.

    b.    Develop and organize unique programs in cooperation with the appropriate Instructional Supervisor(s) as opportunities arise.

    c.    Coordinate with Principals to support individual students or student groups to develop programs based on their interests and needs.

    d.    Communicate selected third party created environmentally friendly program opportunities to interested LCPS stakeholders.  Such programs include, but are not limited to:  ENERGY STAR National Building Challenge, US Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools, Virginia Naturally Schools Recognition Program, Earth Day @ Loudoun Family Festival, and the Loudoun Environmental Stewardship Alliance Resources Guide.


    School Board Policies:


    6-41  High Performance Design and Construction for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact

    6-42  Energy and Water Management/Conservation







    Cost savings since program inception in 1993-1994 school year:


    Over $85 Million

Last Modified on December 3, 2018