• B.O.P.S. Board of Directors

    PRESIDENT:  Coordinates B.O.P.S. activities with the Instrumental Music Program Director, including scheduling and executing Board meetings, General meetings, and coordinating support functions.  Serves as liaison between the Director and the booster organization.  Assists Vice President with fundraising activities as needed.

    VICE PRESIDENT:  General coordinator of fundraising activities.  Ensures fundraisers receive approval from ATLAS.  Helps facilitate the launch and recruiting of chairs for new fundraisers.  Helps recruit to back-fill for existing fundraising chair vacancies.  Assists individual fundraiser coordinators as needed.  Assists President as needed.

      Maintains financial records for B.O.P.S. and provides financial statements as required by the bylaws.  Facilitates deposits for fundraising activities as well as Instrumental Music Program fees, spiritwear, etc.  Updates Individual Music Account balances based on information provided by individual fundraiser coordinators reflecting student efforts.

      Maintains Instrumental Music Program/B.O.P.S. parent and student contact information.  Assists Board Members, Support Function Coordinators, and Fundraiser Coordinators with communications (i.e., e-mail, Sign Up Genius).  Coordinates communications with Website Coordinator as needed.  Records minutes of all meetings.

      Board members providing an impartial voice for the general instrumental music department.  Assists other members of the board of directors and fundraising chairs as needed. 

    B.O.P.S. Coordinators

    WEBSITE:  Proactively maintain and update the B.O.P.S. web site based on information obtained from e-mails, conversations, and Instrumental Music Program calendar.  Post updates by the Director, Board Members, and Coordinators as requested. 

      Coordinate execution of all Instrumental Music Program events involving meals, including Marching Band Camp meals, dinners before certain activities, and the End of Year Banquet.  Work with caterer when applicable.  Solicit volunteers and coordinate volunteer efforts to set-up, serve, and clean-up for all Hospitality events.

    Organize and manage the Uniform Room.  Solicit and coordinate Uniform Team volunteers.  Coordinate maintenance of all uniforms.  Coordinate with Director to fit students for all uniform components during band camp (Marching Band uniforms) and during class at beginning of the school year (Concert uniforms).  Prepare uniforms for travel when required.  Have uniforms dry-cleaned as needed.

    PIT CREWCoordinate with the Director prior to events to determine schedule, pit needs or concerns, and any special logistical arrangements.  Solicit Pit Crew volunteers and rig drivers for event days.  Coordinate the transportation and time-sensitive staging of the larger equipment needed for instrumental music department events such as home football games, festivals, parades, trips, etc.  Ensure that the tow vehicle and trailer are adequately maintained by the County.  Coordinate Game Day Crew efforts to ensure that the Marching Band section of the stadium is prepared for all home games.

    CHAPERONES:  Coordinate with Director as to dates, times, locations, and number of chaperones needed for all instrumental music events requiring chaperones throughout the school year.  Solicit chaperone volunteers as well as donations of home-baked treats and bottled water as needed.  Prepare Chaperone Contact sheet with cell phone numbers and other pertinent information for each event.  Brief chaperone teams prior to departure with procedures for the specific event.  Ensure that all snacks, water, and emergency supplies are on the bus.

    SPIRIT WEAR:  Assist Director as needed for selection of spirit wear items.  Assist with the collection and tracking of orders, deposits of payments received with the Treasurer, and distribution of orders.

    CAR WASHES:  Coordinate wash dates based on available dates, sometimes months in advance due to high demand from various charitable organizations, from host location(s) and the Instrumental Music Program event schedule.  Solicit student and parent volunteers for each event.  Designate on-site lead volunteer(s) capable of setting up and disconnecting the hoses and supervising volunteers.  Ensure table, chairs, tent, and supplies are brought to the car wash and returned to the coordinator for storage.  Track student volunteer hours and report them to the Treasurer.  Coordinate laundering of towels with other volunteers and replace supplies as needed.

    WHITE HOUSE ORNAMENTS:  Update sales order form with current year photo and description for distribution via e-mail and posting on DHS web page.  Collect orders from safe for processing and forward payments to Treasurer.  Arrange booth sales at school events (i.e. concerts, partnership night, etc.) or at community events; recruiting additional volunteers as needed to cover the shifts.  Distribute ornaments to students for delivery.  Provide Treasurer with final sales by student for recording of credit to Individual Music Accounts.

    TITAN CARDS:  Obtain Titan Cards from ATLAS as soon as they are available in early August.  Schedule times both early during marching band camp and during class once school begins for all instrumental music students to sign out Titan Cards to sell.  Make arrangements for those who have sold all their cards to pick up additional upon request.  Collect payments from the safe, record sales, and prepare deposits for the Treasurer.  Collect unsold cards at the end of the fundraiser and follow up with students regarding outstanding cards/money. 

    TAG DAY:  Solicit student volunteers and parent drivers.  Prepare packets for each group including an envelope to collect donations, maps, and a sign-in sheet.  Using existing maps of neighborhoods in “Titan Territory,” coordinate volunteers into small groups.  Remain available during the event to hand out additional maps to groups who finish early.  Collect donations from each group upon their return to DHS.  Prepare the deposit for the Treasurer. 

    GIFT WRAPPING/MUSIC PLAYING:  Coordinate dates with host location(s).  Coordinate with host location as to set up, storage, tables, and chairs.  Obtain loan of table and chairs if needed.  Set up shift schedule balancing student musicians, student gift wrappers, and parent gift wrappers.  Solicit student and parent volunteers for all shifts.  Maintain adequate inventory of gift wrapping supplies – request donations of additional supplies as needed.  Collect donations from closing shift parent volunteer.   Prepare deposits for Treasurer.  Track student volunteer hours and remit information to the Treasurer at the end of the fundraiser.

    MARKET DAY:  Coordinate Market Day Sales schedule with Market Day Area Representative.  Publicize monthly sales using zero day packet flyer, monthly brochures, e-mail, etc.  Solicit student and parent volunteers for sorting and assembling orders on sale dates.  Ensure all orders are picked up, stored, or returned to the Market Day Rep as appropriate.  Track student volunteer hours on pick up dates.  Track individual music account credit on personal orders and referrals from Instrumental Music Program members.  Report student volunteer hours and individual music account credit to the Treasurer. 

    CONCESSIONS:  Coordinate with ATLAS Concessions Rep to select dates.  Solicit student and parent volunteers as needed for each event.  Track student volunteer hours and report to Treasurer.





Last Modified on May 12, 2013