Teacher Induction, Mentor, and Coaching Program

     Mentor and Coaching Supervisor
    Julie Baye
    Marquelle Adkins 
    Miriam Guerrero-Cheuk
    Bea Neukirk
    Shirl O'Brien
    Dena Robinson
    Lisa Roth
    Susan Zanti 
     Mission Statement
    The mission of the Mentor and Coaching Program is to provide teachers with resources that will positively impact teacher and student performance.
    Getting started in a new position can be difficult, even for experienced educators.  New employees are often overwhelmed with information during the first few days and weeks of the new year.  The Mentor Program recognizes both the professional and personal needs of the new employee.  Trained mentors meet regularly with assigned protégés to provide support, guidance, and expertise.  The mentor and protégé work together to design meaningful activities for personal and professional growth.
    Program Information
    • Beginning teachers participate in induction activities and spend a full year working with a trained mentor.
    • Experienced teachers may opt out of the Mentor Program after the first grading period with the approval of the school principal.
    • Workshops and classes are offered throughout the year to meet the needs of new teachers.
    • Opportunities are provided for classroom visitation and peer observation.
    • VISION provides online information, a forum for discussion, and an opportunity to network with colleagues.
    • A Lead Mentor is located in each school to serve as a liason between mentor participants and the LCPS Mentor Specialist.

    The secret of joy in work is contained in one word--excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it. - Pearl Buck

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