• Mr. Thiessen

    Dear Pinebrook Pumas,

    Welcome to YOUR SCHOOL, Pinebrook Elementary! As we begin our twelfth year as a school, we continue to perform at a very high level of student achievement and personal growth. Our staff is committed to providing all students with a high quality education that will prepare them for their lives ahead. By teaching the Loudoun County Public Schools Curriculum as well as integrating challenging instructional strategies we will continue to prepare “Today’s Learners” to become “Tomorrows’ Leaders!”

    One of our instructional priorities is integrating the “STEM” approach (Science Technology, Engineering, Math) or  as we’ll call it “STEAM” (since we added Arts) to our practices. This is a new initiative for us but is the next step to a great foundation laid out by Pinebrook’s Critical Thinking practices. A “STEAM” approach uses the synthesis and analysis practices learned in critical thinking lessons and applies them to a more practical application of the concepts. Essentially, our students solve real-world math, science, and design problems in a hands-on approach. Our students learn to collaborate, plan ahead, try and fail to eventually succeed in the learning process. An active approach like “STEAM” increases student motivation to learn the concepts. They also learn something about themselves in the process.

    Besides maintaining a strong reputation as a high performing school, we are known as being a school that respects, cares for, and are dedicated to all children.  We ARE a family friendly school. I am proud of the fact that we have a strong and collaborative relationship with our PTA, led by Andrea Carroll.  I encourage each parent/guardian to be an active participant in the PTA. It is my hope that this year, we have a record number of parents joining and then actively volunteering at our school. Being involved can range from becoming a PTA member and volunteering your time with PTA events to chaperoning a field trip, attending the various Family Nights, or contributing by providing dedicated nightly academic support and staying in communication with your child’s teacher.

    As the principal of Pinebrook Elementary, I believe in the idea that a school provides much more to a child’s learning than strengthening academic skills. Together, we are a community that is responsible for the development of children and I’m convinced that there is no greater charge to be given. We work to guide a child’s understanding of some of life’s most difficult aspects such as social relationships, problem solving, and the power of hard work. We model how to respond to situations appropriately, positively and constructively. A school or a home cannot do this independently from one another. We are a team and a strong bridge must be built between home and school to create an environment for students to find earned success. We rely on each other as we walk behind your child together and push them forward in preparation for their lives ahead.

    Our school has a wonderful reputation and culture. Together we will carry on the long standing success that is established and continue to make Pinebrook a leader in achievement and in the community. 

    Family is very important to me as I consider it as a source of strength and purpose. My wife Jennifer and I enjoy time together as well as with my two boys, Nat and Jack. We enjoy traveling to see family (locally and far), visiting the mountains in Pennsylvania and participating in the many activities the Washington D.C area has to offer. 

    Again, welcome to another great school year!  My door is always open, and I am eager to serve you and your child.

    Go Pumas!


    Paul Thiessen