• Fellow Titans,
    During this, our 13th year in Titan Territory, we continue our vigorous pursuit of our noble mission to promote the success of each and every Dominion High School student. Our first twelve years have been marked by extraordinary achievement and we will continue to strive for ever-increasing measures of accomplishment. With our focus squarely turned toward the fulfillment of our 2020 Vision to promote high levels of achievement for our most vulnerable learners, while empowering each and every Titan to lead a life of extraordinary significance, we strive, in partnership with our community, to expand opportunities for our students. 
    In an effort to fulfill the noble goals of our 2020 Vision, we are committed to the emergence of a school culture that is characterized by high expectations for all students within a distinctly personal environment. Toward this end, we will embark upon multi-layered initiatives during this decade that will further boost student achievement, while investing in the growth of the whole student. These initiatives will include a focused effort to reinvent "Clubhouse," where diverse groups of 13-15 students are assigned to one or two members of the staff, who serve as mentor(s) for the students in the Clubhouse throughout their four-year journey through Titan Territory. We will also strive to enhance the effectiveness of our resource period, Titan Time, for reluctant learners, while expanding opportunities for enrichment for all students.  
    Toward the success of each and every Titan, we look forward to working collaboratively with parents and community members toward the fulfillment of our 2020 Vision! Goooooooooooooo Titans! 
    In your service,
    John Brewer, Ed. D.