Sarah Royse


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    About Ms. Royse
     Welcome to AP Statistics 
    and Geometry at LCHS.
     Mrs. Royse is looking forward to making math memories with your students.  She graduated from Loudoun Valley High School before attending Shepherd University to earn a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education. She then earned a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Virginia. She holds a Math Specialist endorsement from the University of Virginia.

    These are the suggested supplies for class:

    Ø  3-ring Binder

    Ø  Paper

    Ø  Pencils and Erasers

    Ø  Chromebook with Desmos for Geometry (AP Stats will use Ti84+)




     2019-2020 Schedule

    1st Block – Math Lab             5th Block – AP Stats
    2nd Block – Planning             6th Block – Planning

    3rd Block – AP Stats              7th Block – AP Stats

    4th Block – AP Stats              8th Block – Geometry


    Has your child asked you for help and you just don't remember how to do the math? "Google it" or "You Tube" it. There are videos out there of teachers, graduate students, and high school students teaching different mathematical skills. Another option for our students is to look through the videos available at Khan Academy.
    Desmos - Online Calculator - will be utilized for SOL testing and classroom assignments/assessments.