Dear Newton-Lee Families,
    As many of you are aware and have responded in the Parent Survey we continue to have morning arrival and some dismissal difficulties with parent drop offs . As stated in the February newsletter this is a priority and I have been working with LCPS Transportation Department and VDOT to see how best to resolve these difficulties.  With construction for the new Middle School beginning soon both departments have been pro-active in working with us to try and resolve the traffic problems we are experiencing and the congestion on Gloucester Parkway. However at this time VDOT is not willing to install at traffic light at our intersection. Many of you asked in the survey for me to have this done. In answer to your requests I do not have any control as this is governed by VDOT.
    The proposed solution:
    Beginning Tuesday, February 14th we will be initiating their new proposal for arrivals in the morning and pick ups at the end of the school day. Please look very carefully at the AM arrival changes before Tuesday morning. On Tuesday morning we will have staff from Transportation and Newton-Lee stationed at various locations to help ensure this new traffic pattern runs smoothly. The biggest difference involves parents dropping off students in the morning. Cars coming from Belmont will not be permitted to cut across Gloucester Parkway. All school destined cars will be directed by transportation to turn right out of the Community, drive up Gloucester to the turn around and turn to come down Gloucester and get in the right traffic turn/merge lane to merge into the school lot using the left/inside  arrival lane. Cars will then be directed to turn left and go through the staff/parent parking lot and then into the drop off lane in front of the school. Students will not be permitted to get out of cars until the car reaches the drop off curb. If you do not want to wait in line you will need to park and walk  your child to the crosswalk. Please refer to the map for a more detailed drawing.

    Busses will be able to cut across Gloucester from the community and will also be turning in from Gloucester to enter the outside right lane as you enter the school. All busses will then proceed right to drop off students in the bus loop. As always they are highly requesting parents have their students ride the bus.
    We understand this may be difficult or confusing during the first few days but we are hopeful this will alleviate the concerns and difficulties that occur in the mornings. Please know transportation will be here directing and watching how this flow pattern works and then making further decisions based on what happens. Thank you in advance for your patience as we work to alleviate traffic congestion, ensure student safety and look at traffic flow with the new middle school also in mind. 
    Mrs. Winters
    NLE Administration Team
    Newton-Lee Elementary