Our mission is to create a supportive environment that encourages every individual to become the best version of themselves, in order to make a meaningful contribution to the world.


    The purpose of the advisory period at John Champe High School is to provide time for students and staff to develop stronger relationships in an environment that fosters respect, allows open communication, and provides scaffolded support for each individual student.



    • Implement research based practices that improve student achievement and school culture.   
    • Increase authentic learning experiences to empower students to become culturally aware and socially responsible global citizens. 
    • Diversify methods of communication with parent stakeholders.

    Adviser’s Role and Responsibilities

    • Facilitate discussion or activity based on Classroom directions
    • Be involved and engaged in student discussion and activities
    • Actively build relationships with students through positive interactions
    • Mentor students by answering questions and serving as a source of support
    • Connect students with information and resources if/when they seek help
    • In rooms with a mentor or 2nd teacher, all advisers interact and connect with students, perhaps breaking into two smaller groups

    • Every Friday
    • Lessons are designed by staff and students
    • No homework, review or content teaching